Make The Most Of Online Cricket Betting in India

India is arguably the most diverse nation in the world, certainly the most populous nation in terms of diversity as the people speak multiple languages, follow different cultures and traditions based on their respective states and have their own religious beliefs. However, all of these differences are ignored when the Indian cricket team gets into action.

Cricket is the most followed sport in India and both men and women are avid followers of Indian cricket throughout the country. Indian cricket fans not only love to follow their favourite sport but are also eager to bet on T20, ODI and test cricket matches taking place around the world.

Read on to learn more about cricket betting in India and how you can find reliable and trustworthy online cricket betting sites!

Best Cricket Betting Sites in India 2024

How To Bet Online On Cricket In India

The process to place cricket bets online in India is very simple and should not take more than a few minutes. The first thing bettors need to do is identify a reliable and secure online betting website that offers cricket bets.

Most cricket bettors from India tend to use an online search to find a list of cricket friendly betting websites. This is not the best way to go about it, though, as a Google search will simply display the top ranked cricket betting sites but you will then have to invest a lot of time researching and shortlisting which cricket betting website is best suited for your style.

This is where Betting Guru makes a massive difference as our team of experienced researchers have already done the work and used multiple criteria to shortlist only the very best cricket betting websites in India.

So if you want to choose the best cricket betting website, we suggest you take a look at our featured list of sportsbooks and choose one that you are comfortable with.

The Best Indian Cricket Betting Websites

Indian bettors are cautious when it comes to online betting on cricket as they don’t want to find themselves in trouble with the law. As explained before, you can place cricket bets at offshore casinos and not break the law. The only thing you need to ensure is that you are not placing your bets with a bookie based in India as that would violate Indian gaming laws.

Placing Your First Cricket Bet

If you are new to the sports betting market and are looking to place your first cricket bet, then you are at the right place! Read on and get more insight as to how you can create an online betting account and place your first cricket bet in a matter of minutes.

Most bettors are looking for online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees and trusted cricket betting sites in India. Betting Guru has kept this in mind during our shortlisting process and hence all of our featured betting websites for the Indian market are genuine cricket betting sites in India which will allow you to place your bets without getting into any legal trouble.

Which Is The Best Betting Site For Cricket?

The answer to this depends on a number of factors such as: what types of cricket bets do you want to place? how frequently do you want to bet on cricket? Are you interested in only international cricket betting games? Are you interested in only domestic games? Do you prefer betting on ODI, T20 or Test cricket?

Based on the above questions, you can then choose any betting website from our feature list of trusted cricket betting sites in India.

How Do You Determine If A Cricket Betting Site Is Safe And Reliable?

If you are carrying out a random search looking for cricketing betting sites in India, you will have to go through a lengthy process to verify if the betting site is genuine, reliable and trustworthy. A better and faster way of finding a trusted cricket betting website is to pick one from Betting Guru’s list of featured betting websites, as our team has already done the homework and shortlisted only reputed and trustworthy cricket betting sites.

Cricket Betting Online – How It Works

The first thing you need to do once you choose an online sportsbook is to create an account. The process is simple and should not take more than a couple of minutes. Once done, you need to either claim your free bets and use the free bet to place your first bet. If there is no free bet offer, then you need to select one of the deposit options and make a deposit, so you can start betting.

Once you create an account and make a deposit, you are then ready to place your first bet. You will find a list of sports offered. Click on cricket and you will then find the list of current and upcoming matches. Choose the match that you are interested in betting on and you will find the different types of cricket bets on offer as well as the different cricketing betting odds.

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Before you can place a bet, you need to understand how cricket odds work. The best way for us to explain this is to use an example.

If India is playing a minor team like Zimbabwe, then the bookmakers will have India as a heavy favourite with odds of say 1/10 while Zimbabwe as the underdogs will have odds of 10/1. In this case, if you place a 100 rupee bet on India with these odds and India wins, you will then receive 110 rupees i.e. your 100 rupees back plus 10 rupees in profit. On the other hand, if you take risk and bet 100 rupees on Zimbabwe and they pull of a surprise win, you will then receive 1,100 rupees i.e. your 100 rupees back plus 1000 rupees in profit.

What Is Back and Lay Betting In Cricket?

When you decide to back a bet in cricket, it means you are placing a bet on something expecting it to happen. For example: you could back Indian captain Virat Kohli to win the man of the match award or score a century.

What you decide to lay a bet in cricket, it means you are placing a bet on something expecting it not to happen. For example: you could lay a bet on Indian captain Virat Kohli not getting out for a duck or not getting out for less than 50 runs.

What Is Session Betting In Cricket?

This is when bettors decide on an outcome that is going to happen within a certain period of time i.e. session in cricket. This session will different based on the format of the game i.e. ODI, T20 or Test Cricket. The session can be for the first 10 overs, for the 4th wicket partnership or for the death overs. Players will bet on an outcome during their selected session and must wait to see if they win their session bet or not!

What Are Prop Bets In Cricket?

The most common bet in cricket is the match outcome. However, there are a number of exciting prop bets that tend to give bettors a lot more exciting odds and better payouts. Some of the most common type of prop bets include: how many runs will be scored? Which team will win the toss first? Which team will bowl first? Which team will bat first and who will win the man of the match award?

Top Cricket Betting Leagues And Tournaments

India cricket fans not only follow international cricket matches but also a range of domestic T20 leagues and tournaments. We take a look at the most popular cricket betting tournaments that Indian bettors will be interested in.

ICC ODI World Cup

The 50 over world cup takes place once in every four years and is by far the most watched ODI cricket tournament in the world. India has won the ICC World Cup on two occasions and tends to enter the tournament with huge expectations of 1.2 billion fans. Cricket betting is always at a fever pitch during the World Cup.

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup has turned into one of the most popular cricketing tournaments followed around the world. India has won just one T20 World Cup so far and Indian bettors remain confident that Team India has the talent to win the next World Cup. The next T20 World Cup takes place in October 2020 in Australia. The T20 World Cup is played once in every two years.

World Test Championship

The World Test Championship was introduced recently by the ICC and India have done well for themselves occupying the number one test ranking for quite some time. Indian captain Virat Kohli is very keen on getting his hands on the very first World Test Championship. The World Test Championship final will take place between the top two ranked teams in June 2023.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the richest domestic T20 cricket league in the world. The IPL takes place every year in India as eight IPL franchises battle it out for 6 weeks in India for a chance to win over a million dollars and the coveted IPL trophy. The IPL has matches taking place just about every day during these 6 weeks which generally run from the end of March to mid-May. IPL fever runs throughout the country and most betting websites tend to see a spike in betting action during the IPL.

What Is Live Cricket Betting?

Live cricket betting is also referred to as in-play betting and is offered by most of the top cricket betting websites catering to the Indian market. Live cricket betting is when the sportsbook allows bettors to place their bets on live matches i.e. matches that are currently taking place.

This is exciting for bettors as they are able to follow the cricket match on television or keep track of the scores via popular cricket apps and websites like and

While many bettors like to place their wagers before the match starts, there are some bettors who like living on the edge. These bettors might place a bet before the match starts but will also wait to place more bets while the match is going on. The waiting period allows bettors to gain real time insight into the game and then adjust their bets according to the match situation.

Live cricket betting action keeps bettors glued to their TV sets or cricketing apps as it is imperative for them to get real time updates and then place their bets. If you are not certain of having constant access to the game in progress, it is best that you avoid in-play betting. On the other hand, if you have full access to real time updates, then do take advantage of live cricket betting and have some fun!

Frequently Asked Questions On Cricket Betting In India

  • The first thing you need to do, is select a reputed cricket betting website and then create an account. Once you confirm your account, go to the banking options/payment methods listed on the site and choose one that you are comfortable with. Most of the banking options available to Indian players include credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller and online bank transfer. Once you select your preferred option, follow the simple linking process and make your deposit. The process should not take more than 10 minutes.

  • This is a big question for Indian bettors as they want to be sure they will be able to collect their winnings. The process to withdraw your winnings is very simple and in many ways similar to making a deposit. Once you have winnings in your account and decide to withdraw it, go to the banking options page and select which banking option you want to use to withdraw funds.

    Make sure you follow all the terms and conditions which might include meeting wagering requirements if you used a free bonus, meeting minimum withdrawal conditions and providing identification and verification documentation. Click on withdraw funds and follow the process outlined. Do make note of the withdrawal times and then check on the due date as the funds should be in your account by then!

  • Indian cricket fans are some of the most emotional fans in the world. However, when it comes to betting and winning, there is no place for emotions. You have to think logically and do your research before placing your bet. Some of the things that you must consider before placing your bet is the current form of the two teams, the track record of each team during the last 5 games, pitch and weather conditions, the composition of the playing XI, injuries and loss of form to key players and betting odds!

  • The best cricket betting app is the one that you are the most comfortable with! What works for one Indian bettor may not necessarily be the best one for you. When it comes to comfort – we are talking about trustworthiness, reliability, security, easy to use interface, number of different cricket bets on offer, bonuses and promotions, banking methods and availability of the app on the Apple and Android platforms! In short – choose the app that suits your style of betting and play!

  • The key traps that you should always be aware of while placing your cricket bets include: not betting when you are emotional – this including when you are feeling up or feeling down! not blowing your bankroll away on one bet and placing bets without doing your proper research of both teams and playing conditions!



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